Gabby Klein

Gabby Klein

Gabby Klein is a desert native with roots in Phoenix, Arizona, who has always

been inspired by color, texture, and form. She has a special place in her
heart for all things Mid-Century and Scandinavian Modern, and through these
inspirations, has found a passion for functional and intentional art. In addition to
her educational background in Interior Design, Gabby’s creative skills occupy
a wide range including illustration, block-printing, digital art, and photography.



When she’s not working her day-job or doing art things, she’s probably at a
thrift store, searching for old-timey treasures and vintage clothes to add to her
collection. Gabby believes that we all deserve to have things in our homes that
bring us joy, and she’s happy to contribute a fraction of that joy with her art.



Tell us about your shop Gab Art Design.
We deserve to have things in our homes that bring us joy. This is the philosophy that first inspired artist and interior designer, Gabby Klein, to frame her sketches and hang them on the wall. Gab Art & Design was born out of a love for minimalistic art and timeless design, with the goal of creating both thoughtful and functional pieces.



With a focus on simple linework, vibrant colors, and minimalist forms, Gab Art & Design offers a variety of original art prints, greeting cards, and homewares, each intentionally crafted to bring joy to your space.

What are some sources of inspiration behind your pieces?
Pretty much anything Mid-Century or Scandinavian Modern, furniture and interiors, the desert, plants of all varieties, and the thoughts inside my brain.

How would you describe your creative process?
All over the place. I definitely go through phases of feeling very motivated to feeling like a total blob. When I start to get excited about something I usually dive right into it, but sometimes the ideas need a little bit of time to ferment before I translate them from my brain to the world. I try to set aside time every day, whether it's five minutes or five hours, to do something creative that makes my soul happy.



How did you figure out how to bring your ideas to life?
I began selling prints of my original drawings in the Fall of 2019. I would hand sketch, scan, and digitally color each piece before ordering high-quality prints and posting them on my Etsy page. I participated in my first local pop-up that December, and have since had the opportunity to showcase my work at many other local markets/events. Throughout the process of developing my store and my brand, I have begun to explore other applications for my designs including greeting cards, textiles, and even wrapping paper. I have also begun to explore other mediums of creation, including fully digital illustration, block-printing, and painted textiles. Essentially, I create pieces that I hope can bring a purpose to others' spaces, whether it be visual or tactile.

How do you find your manufacturers?
Lots of research! It usually starts with a google search, reading about manufacturers' philosophies and sustainability practices, and investigating overall product quality/price point. Other times I just ask other makers who have great products, I've learned a lot from the trial and error of other creatives!

Tell us about your 9-to-5.
I currently work full-time as a Designer at a local architecture firm, working primarily with commercial interior design as well as some marketing projects. We have been working remotely for a few months now, but I don't mind the comfort of my own space and the company of my pup, Quincy. 

Any advice for aspiring Side Hustlers?
Practice and patience are key! Keep exploring new mediums, new expressions, and new styles, and then continue to create the things you feel best about. Not all work will be good, a lot of it will be bad, but over time you will begin to develop a truly authentic style and that's the coolest part! Also, nothing happens overnight. Building a brand and a following both take a LOT of time and patience. Just stay true to what YOU want to be doing, and the right audience will begin to grow.




Anything else you’d like to add?
Do the things that make your heart happy!


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