Cecilia DiFranco

Cecilia DiFranco

A creative person from the Midwest who now lives in Brooklyn, NY.

You're a copywriter, artist, and educator. Tell us how you got to where you are today.
My parents are both teachers. I have worked so many jobs, from cooking to cleaning to writing, to teaching—and have been painting for as long as I can remember. Teaching is the hardest job in the world, so once you learn how to do that I feel like you can do anything.



How did you first get into printmaking?
I learned about printmaking in college in Michigan! I think it's one of the greatest mediums of all time—I love the multiplicity and working in a printmaking studio is really fun. 

What are some of the sources of inspiration behind your pieces?
Bugs, food, green plants, video games, flowers, sidewalks, the internet, the sky. 

How would you describe your creative process?
My art-making process is waking up and having ideas for a tv script, a painting, a series of photographs, a clothing line, and an essay and finding excuses to not do any of them. It's very sporadic! Haha.



What impact (if any) does your Side Hustle have on your freelance client work?
It feels good to switch my brain from writing mode to image mode. 

Favorite museum or creative space?
I disagree with the politics of most museums, but my favorite museum used to be the MOCA Chicago. 



Favorite place to shop for art supplies? 
I used to thrift so many art supplies! Turns out everything you need someone else is giving away or selling for cheap. Now I just shop at good old-fashioned Blick.

Tell us about your freelance work.
I work primarily as a copywriter and brand manager for small DTC brands.

Any advice for aspiring Side Hustlers?
Share your work, if you want, and people will pay for it. It's not always a great idea to monetize your passions. Set boundaries, always. 


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