Belle Kröl

Belle Kröl

Belle Kröl is an artist from Buenos Aires, now based in New York. As a former Illustrator and Accessories Designer, she worked for the major fashion houses in Argentina, then becoming a Creative Director. 

Since 2009, she worked as a Photography Editor for fashion collections traveling to Paris, Milan, London, and New York for clients such as Vogue Uk, Grazia Italia, Daily Telegraph,, and WGSN. Belle currently works as a Creative/Art Director specializing in fashion and beauty imagery. 

As a visual artist, she creates pieces based on her own aesthetic principles and perceptions, often as a way of representing emotions. With a wide experience in Photographic and Video Art Direction, her work comprises all aspects of an aesthetic project, from concept to finish. 

Art Work
Through her mixed medium way of painting, almost self-taught and intuitive technique, Belle allows line and color to stand alone while utilizing several layers to play with texture and hidden elements. Her pieces have secret details in between the coating, giving a mysterious look and feel.



What are some of the sources of inspiration behind your pieces?
Everything has the potential to inspire me. From a scene that I fall in love with from a movie, or beautiful architecture. I love interior design, materials, which inspires me a lot.

How would you describe your creative process?
I like to say that I have a very intuitive technique, it's never the same, I let my hands paint their way through whatever my mind is at and it just happens. I like experimenting with textures a lot too, and that makes the process interesting every time.

What impact (if any) does your Side Hustle have on your freelance client work?
I think it's very connected, mainly on a creative level, if I am having a rich creative moment I will be able to work better in any aspect of life.

Favorite museum or creative space?
The Whitney, the Met and Malba Museum in Buenos Aires.

Favorite place to shop art supplies?

Any advice for aspiring Side Hustlers?
Follow your gut, and work very hard. Don't expect anyone to do the work for you, build your own castle.


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