Anna B

Anna B

Anna is a multidisciplinary designer based in Brooklyn, NY. She currently works as a Textile & Rug designer at Crosby Street Studios while freelancing as an Interior Stylist and Content Creator. Her work is deeply defined by color, curiosity, and a positive outlook. 

If she is not designing, she is probably cooking an overly complicated but 100% worth-it NY times recipe, having a picnic with friends in Prospect Park, arranging bouquets of bodega flowers in her kitchen, decorating her Brooklyn apartment, or sitting in the corner of a bookstore with piles of books (with pictures) on her lap.

What are some of the sources of inspiration behind your pieces?
My city collages are inspired by New York and all of the unusual, historic, grandiose, and humble architecture it holds. I love using the contrasting elements of New York's stark architecture and my organic drawing style. Interpreting these brutalist buildings in a wonky way is endless fun.



How would you describe your creative process?
I take an enormous amount of photos on my walks around the city, and 50% of the photos are usually NYC architecture. Going through these photos after a long day of exploring is how I begin my creative process. I do sometimes start my collages this way, but I usually begin them while sitting on a park bench sketching from life. 

Tell us about your 9-to-5.
While a rug designer 9-5 and an interior stylist/content creator after hours, I also tap into fine art with sketching and painting when I get the chance. Working on fine art in addition to my (other) side-hustles, allows me to create with my hands and not with a screen. 


Favorite place to shop for art supplies?
I love finding art supplies at unlikely places like the hardware store. Collaging with something like paint swatches is freeing since it’s not a precious material. I feel I create my best work when I am ripping up paper and gluing ideas down intuitively; without the pressure to do justice to the material. I also am a Posca marker enthusiast and love using them for their paint-like quality.

Favorite museum of creative space?
The Museum of Arts and Design is such a special place in New York as it focuses on how craft can be seen as high design and not just craft. But of course, the MET is such an inspiring space no matter the day of the week or time of day. Though, walking through the Egyptian wing at golden hour on a Saturday is otherworldly.

Any advice for aspiring Side Hustlers?
Dedicate and set aside time to your side-hustle or side-hustles each week. While also having a full-time job it’s easy to feel tired at the end of a 9-5 day, but doing something for you and something creative with your hands will be the little bit of encouragement you need to KEEP GOING!


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